About the Artists

Pick Up Sticks Jewelry Company is the home of whimsical, distinctive, and very collectible photo charms, all of which are double-sided, displayed under glass, and encased in pewter. Our images are designed to make you either smile with sentiment or laugh out loud with instant recognition of life's magic, humor, and irony.

Where It All Started
Cousins Glena and Sabrina grew up in Logan, a small town in rural New Mexico, population 500. The most entertaining activities in this rural area were swatting flies on their great-grandmother's porch, building miniature houses out of rocks and bits of glass, and searching for the perfect smooth stone. Their great-grandmother led them to explore a world of tiny hidden treasures, and investigate abandoned houses and frontier dumps, while encouraging them to fill their pockets with sticks, stones, glass, feathers, and flowers.

Eventually, Sabrina and Glena each followed their own professional interests: Sabrina concentrated on art and graphic design, while Glena pursued business and education. In 2000, the two combined their love of family heirlooms, antique finds, and time-worn treasures with their experience in the fields of art and business to start a company of their own. The business became a way for the cousins to revisit their past and those times spent with their great-grandmother in a small town.

The Story Continues
In 2018, Glena and Sabrina retired from their adventures in the jewelry business and turned the reins over to a new owner...one as passionate and excited about what they had created as they were.

We invite you to continue the Pick Up Sticks Jewelry Co. journey with us and preserve your own memories via our photo charms and unique jewelry designs that celebrate love and relationships, and embody the inspiration and edgy humor that will brighten and lighten your day each time you wear them.