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WD009   Abundance
PU056   Against the Tide
TR084   All Who Wander
AL220   Aluminum Ball Chain Necklace 20" (2mm)
AL230   Aluminum Ball Chain Necklace 30" (2mm)
AL330   Aluminum Ball Chain Necklace 30" (3mm)
AL236   Aluminum Ball Chain Necklace 36" (2mm)
PT105   Anchor
BB023   Art Is Good
JR004   Artful
RW012   Baby Boy
RW011   Baby Girl
CH002   Be Happy
WD010   Be Happy
CH001   Be Strong
WD012   Be Yourself
TR106   Beauty Seen
PT004   Bee
AN064   Bee Your Own
CW027   Best Friend
QU016   Best Friend Queen
QU002   Best Girlfriend Queen
CH009   Best Mom
PT017   Bird Cage
CW014   Blessed
BB020   Book Lover
TR109   Books / Time
CW001   Brave
AT010   Brave Girl
BB022   Brave Strong
BZ004   Breathe
CWI0AND   Candy Initial &
CWI0A   Candy Initial A
CWI0B   Candy Initial B
CWI0C   Candy Initial C
CWI0D   Candy Initial D
CWI0E   Candy Initial E
CWI0F   Candy Initial F
CWI0G   Candy Initial G
CWI0H   Candy Initial H
CWI0I   Candy Initial I
CWI0J   Candy Initial J
CWI0K   Candy Initial K
CWI0L   Candy Initial L
CWI0M   Candy Initial M
CWI0n   Candy Initial N
CWI0O   Candy Initial O
CWI0P   Candy Initial P
CWI0Q   Candy Initial Q
CWI0R   Candy Initial R
CWI0S   Candy Initial S
CWI0T   Candy Initial T
CWI0U   Candy Initial U
CWI0V   Candy Initial V
CWI0W   Candy Initial W
CWI0X   Candy Initial X
CWI0Y   Candy Initial Y
CWI0Z   Candy Initial Z
PU071   Change the World
CL002   Charm Clip
RW004   Cheer Up
CHI0I   Chicklet Initial l
CHI0AND   Chicklet Initial &
CHI0A   Chicklet Initial A
CHI0B   Chicklet Initial B
CHI0C   Chicklet Initial C
CHI0D   Chicklet Initial D
CHI0E   Chicklet Initial E
CHI0F   Chicklet Initial F
CHI0G   Chicklet Initial G
CHI0H   Chicklet Initial H
CHI0J   Chicklet Initial J
CHI0K   Chicklet Initial K
CHI0L   Chicklet Initial L
CHI0M   Chicklet Initial M
CHI0N   Chicklet Initial N
CHI0O   Chicklet Initial O
CHI0P   Chicklet Initial P
CHI0Q   Chicklet Initial Q
CHI0R   Chicklet Initial R
CHI0S   Chicklet Initial S
CHI0T   Chicklet Initial T
CHI0U   Chicklet Initial U
CHI0V   Chicklet Initial V
CHI0W   Chicklet Initial W
CHI0X   Chicklet Initial X
CHI0Y   Chicklet Initial Y
CHI0Z   Chicklet Initial Z
BZ005   Choosing Joy
AT002   Cooking Queen
WD029   Courage
LV049   Daughter
RW013   Dear Mom
PT221   Diaper Pin
PU073   Diving In
CW038   Dog
AT011   Don't Keep Calm
RW001   Don't Quit Your Day Dream
DTI0AND   Dot Initial &
DTI0A   Dot Initial A
DTI0B   Dot Initial B
DTI0C   Dot Initial C
DTI0D   Dot Initial D
DTI0E   Dot Initial E
DTI0F   Dot Initial F
DTI0G   Dot Initial G
DTI0H   Dot Initial H
DTI0I   Dot Initial I
DTI0J   Dot Initial J
DTI0K   Dot Initial K
DTI0L   Dot Initial L
DTI0M   Dot Initial M
DTI0N   Dot Initial N
DTI0O   Dot Initial O
DTI0P   Dot Initial P
DTI0Q   Dot Initial Q
DTI0R   Dot Initial R
DTI0S   Dot Initial S
DTI0T   Dot Initial T
DTI0U   Dot Initial U
DTI0V   Dot Initial V
DTI0W   Dot Initial W
DTI0X   Dot Initial X
DTI0Y   Dot Initial Y
DTI0Z   Dot Initial Z
AN037   Dragonfly
PT103   Dragonfly
TR062   Eiffel Color
PT019   Eiffel Tower
AT008   Fabulous
RW006   Family Blessed
HR002   Family Heart
PU076   Family My Anchor
WD028   Fear Not
RW002   Fearless
RW009   Flaunt It
HR013   Follow Your Heart
PU074   Forever Friends
JR007   Four-Legged
PT083   Free Bird
HD027   Free Indeed
CW032   Free Spirit
CH011   Friend
AN060   Garden Girl
AN066   Get Down Dog
GIFT   Gift Wrap
LV036   Girlie Girls
AN051   Good Luck
HR006   Grandma Heart
RNG18   Grey and Silver Rosary Necklace 18"
RNG30   Grey and Silver Rosary Necklace 30"
TR110   Grow Color
JR008   Grow Flowers
AN058   Grow Strong
PU068   Healing Heart
HD009   Honey Bunny
CW036   Hope
BZ001   Hope Anchors
PT020   Hourglass
BB021   I Believe
PU075   I'm Reading
PU064   If You Stumble
AN063   Imagine
WD007   Inspire / Create
CW012   Just Be
JR006   Keep Up
RW010   Leap of Faith
HD017   Let It Go
BZ006   Life Is Art
TR108   Livin' the Dream
TR107   Love Journey
HD007   Love Wings
CW019   Loved
JR010   Loves Books
CW004   Lucky
HD008   Lucky Girl
HR012   Lucky Heart
PT104   Lucky Heart
PT182   Magnifier
IB008   Mini-Beach
IB012   Mini-Feather
IB002   Mini-Luck
IB010   Mini-Paris
IB009   Mini-Tree of Life
CW034   Mom
HR016   Mom Love Heart
WD025   Mother
LV053   Mother Daughter
HD010   Mother Friend
HD022   My Best Friends
CW039   Number 1
JR005   Oh, Snap
AT004   Onward and Upward
TR105   Painted Elephant
CW017   Peace
RNP24   Pearl Rosary Necklace 24"
JR003   Pray
PT107   Princess Crown
HD023   Progress
HD013   Queen for a Day

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