About Pick Up Sticks Jewelry Company

Established in 2000, Pick Up Sticks Jewelry Company is the home of whimsical, distinctive, and very collectible jewelry charms. Each charm features original collage art and is double-sided, displayed under glass, and framed in polished pewter. Mix and match endless combinations of our wonderfully unique, vintage-inspired charms and our antique reproduction trinkets. Any woman who loves to celebrate her own style and personality is drawn to Pick Up Sticks Jewelry. The images on our handcrafted charms are heartfelt, humorous, inspirational, and edgy. Designed to make you smile, dream, celebrate love, and laugh out loud at life's magic, humor, and irony, our jewelry is sure to enhance your style for any occasion. Pick Up Sticks Jewelry is perfect for collecting and gift-giving, as there is something for everyone and every occasion.

Pick Up Sticks Jewelry Company Owner

Suzanne Tissier LaBounty

Suzanne Tissier LaBounty is the owner of Pick Up Sticks Jewelry Company. Raised in retail, Suzanne spent many after-school hours and summers working at her parent's Asian import stores, waiting on customers, reveling in gift wrap, and unpacking untold treasures from the Far East. Suzanne's feels her path to Pick Up Sticks was a gift from her sister, Andrea. One Christmas, Andrea gave her the Pick Up Sticks "Queen Sister" jewelry charm, that states: "Never underestimate the power of sisters." When challenges arose, the sisters would often agree that there wasn't anything the two of them couldn't do together, so the charm was a testament of their bond. One day the charm disappeared, and Suzanne searched far and wide to replace it. Upon discovering the charm came from Pick Up Sticks, she found the company website and instantly fell in love with the line and the story behind it. She subsequently learned that the company's founders Glena and Sabrina had decided to retire and close the business. Her love affair with the jewelry and the history behind it drove her to approach the cousins with the idea of passing on what they had created. Blessed by a wonderful twist of fate, they agreed, and the company lives on. Read more about Suzanne and her Pick Up Sticks story.
Suzanne LaBounty

Our Founders

Glena and Sabrina

Cousins Glena and Sabrina are the amazingly talented and visionary founders of Pick Up Sticks. The two grew up in Logan, a small town in rural New Mexico, population 500. The most entertaining activities in this rural area were swatting flies on their great-grandmother's porch, building miniature houses out of rocks and bits of glass, and searching for the perfect smooth stone. Their great-grandmother led them to explore a world of tiny hidden treasures, and investigate abandoned houses and frontier dumps, while encouraging them to fill their pockets with sticks, stones, glass, feathers, and flowers.Eventually, Sabrina and Glena each followed their own professional interests: Sabrina concentrated on art and graphic design, while Glena pursued business and education. In 2000, the two combined their love of family heirlooms, antique finds, and time-worn treasures with their experience in the fields of art and business to start a company of their own. The business became a way for the cousins to revisit their past and those times spent with their great-grandmother in a small town. In 2018, they chose to retire and graciously sold the unique and esteemed business that they had successfully built as best friends and business partners for 18 exciting and rewarding years.