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There's a little "queen" in all of us and in most of the gals we know. Celebrate courage, bravery, success, good times, friendship, and sisterly love in a fun and unique way with one of our Queens art charms.

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Queen of Art Queen of Art

"I Must Make Art or Throw a Hissy Fit" on the front side...

Price: $14.00
Best Girlfriend Queen Best Girlfriend Queen

"Nothing you say will shock me, Honey." Hopefully we all have a Best Girlfriend Queen...

Price: $14.00
Queen of Fun Queen of Fun

Some girls just wanna have fun, and our Queen of Fun takes it to a new level...

Price: $14.00
Queen of Courage Queen of Courage

In need of a boost of bravery or want to acknowledge a friend's fortitude?...

Price: $14.00
Queen of Success Queen of Success

Calling all high achievers. Are you one, or do you know one?...

Price: $14.00
Queen of Happiness Queen of Happiness

Got lemons? Then you know what to do...make lemonade!...

Price: $14.00
Best Friend Queen Best Friend Queen

A magical girl in a mint-green frock is the Best Friend Queen...

Price: $14.00
“Never underestimate the power of sisters” the "Queen Sister",  Photo charms, Pick Up Sticks Jewelry, Collage charms, Photo jewelry, Vintage Photo charms, Photo charms, Pick Up Sticks Jewelry, Collage charms, Photo jewelry, Vintage Photo charms Queen Sister

A pinafored young lady perched atop a hissing alligator...

Price: $14.00
Betty Crocker-esque gal delights as the Cooking Queen jewelry charm Cooking Queen

A kitschy retro kitchen features an abundance of baked goodies...

Price: $14.00
Queen of Hearts Queen of Hearts

Butterflies among us and passion within us...

Price: $14.00
Cocktail Queen Cocktail Queen

We've all been party girls at one time or another...

Price: $14.00
Flower Queen Flower Queen

Butterflies and colorful blooms surround the Flower Queen...

Price: $15.00