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Femme Fatales

Pronounced "fem fuh-tahl," this French term describes a mysterious, enchanting, powerful woman. Based on the timeless art of 19th Century artist Alphonse Mucha, our gorgeous collection of femmes celebrate beauty, strength, passion, charm, wisdom, and spirit. Wear one or wear several to celebrate all the woman you are.

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Beauty Beauty

Femme de Beaute' (or Woman of Beauty)...

Price: $14.00
Strength Strength

Femme de Force (or Woman of Strength)...

Price: $14.00
Passion Passion

Femme de Passion (or Woman of Passion)...

Price: $14.00
Grace Grace

Femme de Grace (or Woman of Grace)...

Price: $14.00
Widsom Widsom

Femme de Saggesse (or Woman of Wisdom)...

Price: $14.00
Spirit Spirit

Femme d' Esprit (or Woman of Spirit)...

Price: $14.00