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Colorflies Flowers Seashells


Flowers and butterflies, seashells and oceans. Here you'll find beautiful imagery, inspirational verse, and be reminded of the artistry that surrounds us...compliments of Mother Nature.

Note: All charms come with our Magical Charm Clip!
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Orange Mollusk Orange Mollusk

This brilliant creature is a monochromatic wonder...

Price: $14.00
Tangerine Dream Tangerine Dream

Vitality, warmth, and the message of this vibrant monarch...

Price: $14.00
Blue Fantasy Blue Fantasy

Peace, harmony, the message of this breathtaking blue morpho...

Price: $14.00
Pink Blush Pink Blush

Love, compassion, the message of these elegant pink ladies...

Price: $14.00
Emerald Illusion Emerald Illusion

Renewal, generosity, the message of this intensely verdant winged beauty...

Price: $14.00
Red Scallop Red Scallop

Shades of coral, salmon, and cream dominate this ocean beauty...

Price: $14.00
Triton's Trumpet Triton's Trumpet

This impressive shell has an impressive legacy...

Price: $14.00
Queen Conch Queen Conch

This well-known "sea snail" hails from the Caribbea...

Price: $14.00
Purple Scallop Purple Scallop

Cool lavenders and soft white predominate this art charm...

Price: $14.00
Nautilus Nautilus

The nautilus shell is known as a symbol for the inner beauty of nature...

Price: $14.00
Aqua Starfish Aqua Starfish

The starfish, or sea star, is one of the most beautiful creatures in the ocean...

Price: $14.00
Fresh as a Daisy Fresh as a Daisy

Bold and fresh, this gorgeous daisy art charm is one of the most popular...

Price: $15.00
Delicate Dalia Delicate Dalia

Soft and lovely, this beautiful floral art charm is a study in shades of pink and mauve...

Price: $15.00
Summer Mum Summer Mum

Shades of goldenrod, mustard, and deep orange...

Price: $15.00
Poppy Dream Poppy Dream

A rich red poppy is the dominant image...

Price: $15.00
Amethyst Bloom Amethyst Bloom

Amethyst, purple, and soft grey make this art charm stunning...

Price: $15.00