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What can you say about women? That they're a force of nature? Artful and inspiring? That they possess the vision and drive to swim against the tide and change the world? Yes, yes, and yes. No one celebrates the power and beauty of women like this collection of wearable art.

Note: All charms come with our Magical Charm Clip!
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Against the Tide Against the Tide

For all you fearless mermaids who jump in the deep end...

Price: $14.00
Garden Girl Garden Girl

"Garden Girl" on the front side...

Price: $14.00
What Is Beauty? What Is Beauty?

A collage of distressed newsprint and iconic Marilyn images combine...

Price: $14.00
Healing Heart Healing Heart

A gold-winged, guardian angel...

Price: $14.00
She Is Original She Is Original

"She Is Original" on the front side...

Price: $14.00
Fearless Fearless

Who can't see the strength and power of the enchantress...

Price: $14.00
Artful Artful

"She Is an Artist and Life Is Her Canvas" on the front side...

Price: $14.00
Life Is Art Life Is Art

Is there an artist inside you?...

Price: $14.00
She Inspires She Inspires

"She Inspires" on the front side...

Price: $14.00