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Easter & Spring

Bunnies, flowers, dragonflies, bumble bees, and more! It's all about renewal, joy, beauty, and growth. Spring is in the air with this collection of light and colorful wearable art.

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Yellow Crown Imperial Yellow Crown Imperial

The yellow crown imperial makes an impressive display...

Price: $17.00
Parrot Tulip Parrot Tulip

There's only one thing more lovely than a tulip, and that's a parrot

Price: $17.00
Vintage Rhododendron Vintage Rhododendron

Our striking bloom is rendered in soft, buttery yellow with rich coral edges...

Price: $17.00
Coral Rose Coral Rose

Set against a sky-blue background, this luscious coral-colored beauty...

Price: $17.00
Southern Magnolia Southern Magnolia

Soft and subtle in color yet strong in appearance, the magnolia flower...

Price: $17.00
Orchid Blossoms Orchid Blossoms

Purples and lavenders are the theme of this elegant jewelry charm...

Price: $17.00
Tree of Life III Tree of Life III

Our Tree of Life III is delicate and asymmetrical with a sense of grace and airiness...

Price: $17.00
Tree of Life II Tree of Life II

Our Tree of Life II is graceful and flowing with a feel of life and abundance...

Price: $17.00
Tree of Life I Tree of Life I

Our Tree of Life I is strong and symmetrical with dense roots and full branches that speak of stability and balance...

Price: $17.00
Amethyst Bloom Amethyst Bloom

Amethyst, purple, and soft grey make this art charm stunning...

Price: $17.00
Summer Mum Summer Mum

Shades of goldenrod, mustard, and deep orange...

Price: $17.00
Delicate Dalia Delicate Dalia

Soft and lovely, this beautiful floral art charm is a study in shades of pink and mauve...

Price: $17.00
Good Luck Good Luck

Beautiful soaring bird on the front on the front side...

Price: $17.00
Fresh as a Daisy Fresh as a Daisy

Bold and fresh, this gorgeous daisy art charm is one of the most popular...

Price: $17.00
Purple Passion Purple Passion

Wisdom, spirituality, the message of this gorgeous, winged creature...

Price: $16.00
Emerald Illusion Emerald Illusion

Renewal, generosity, the message of this intensely verdant winged beauty...

Price: $16.00
Pink Blush Pink Blush

Love, compassion, the message of these elegant pink ladies...

Price: $16.00
Blue Fantasy Blue Fantasy

Peace, harmony, the message of this breathtaking blue morpho...

Price: $16.00
Song Bird Song Bird

This nature-inspired charm features a pair of yellow-and-brown finches...

Price: $16.00
Garden Girl Garden Girl

"Garden Girl" on the front side...

Price: $16.00
Golden Joy Golden Joy

Optimism, joy, and the message of this beautiful
butterfly charm...

Price: $15.00
Tangerine Dream Tangerine Dream

Vitality, warmth, and the message of this vibrant monarch...

Price: $15.00
Grow Color Grow Color

"Grow Strong" on the front side...

Price: $15.00
Beautifully illustrated art charm with butterflies, bees, and more Fly Baby Fly

This beautifully illustrated art charm in shades of yellow and amber...

Price: $15.00
Be Yourself Be Yourself

Cherry blossoms and a bee in flight...

Price: $15.00
Be Happy Be Happy

This whimsical nature-inspired jewelry charm...

Price: $15.00
Sing Sing

"O, Let Your Dreams Take Flight" on the front side...

Price: $15.00
Dragonfly Dragonfly

Vintage dragonfly illustration on the front side...

Price: $15.00
Love Letters - Faith Love Letters - Faith

Embellished by hand with the word "Faith,"...

Price: $14.00
Friend Friend

"Friend" on one side and...

Price: $12.00