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Beach Babes

These are the gals who can't get enough of the sun and surf. The mermaids, sun goddesses, swimmers, sailors, and those who just can't help making waves.

Note: All charms come with our Magical Charm Clip!
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Mini-Nautical Mini-Nautical

Mini-Nautical features a seashell, a rhinestone orb, and a ship's anchor...

Price: $8.00
Mini-Beach Mini-Beach

Mini-Beach features a crystal sphere, a starfish, and a seashell...

Price: $8.00
Anchor Anchor

Silver-plated anchor charm...

Price: $8.00
Hope Hope

"Hope" on the front side...

Price: $11.00
Sale Price: $9.35
Sister Friend Sister Friend

Two little girls frolic in the sand on this poignant charm...

Price: $14.00
You & Me Mom You & Me Mom

"1 Mother + 1 Daughter = 2 Best Friends..."

Price: $14.00
Against the Tide Against the Tide

For all you fearless mermaids who jump in the deep end...

Price: $14.00
Orange Mollusk Orange Mollusk

This brilliant creature is a monochromatic wonder...

Price: $14.00
My Best Friends My Best Friends

"Best Friends" on the front side...

Price: $14.00
The Sea Calls The Sea Calls

Calling all mermaids! This charm is for you...

Price: $14.00
sassy and wise art jewelry charm Sassy

"Sassy" on the front side...

Price: $14.00
anyone can be cool, but awesome takes practice jewelry charm Fabulous

"Fabulous" on the front side...

Price: $14.00
Hope Anchors Hope Anchors

This nautically themed art charm speaks to the power of hope and conviction...

Price: $14.00
Breathe Breathe

Sea creatures lend their wisdom to this whimsical charm...

Price: $14.00
Diving In Diving In

"Diving In" on the front side...

Price: $14.00
photo jewelry charm urges the wearer to live madly Don't Keep Calm

"Live Madly" on the front side...

Price: $14.00
Stand Up Stand Up

"Fall Seven Times, Stand Up Eight" on the front side...

Price: $14.00
Family My Anchor Family My Anchor

Nothing anchors us like family...

Price: $14.00
Make Waves Make Waves

This colorful, fun charm is sure to make you smile...

Price: $14.00
Those Who Listen Those Who Listen

A postcard from the edge of paradise. A lovely grass-skirt-clad dreamer ...

Price: $14.00
Red Scallop Red Scallop

Shades of coral, salmon, and cream dominate this ocean beauty...

Price: $14.00
Triton's Trumpet Triton's Trumpet

This impressive shell has an impressive legacy...

Price: $14.00
Queen Conch Queen Conch

This well-known "sea snail" hails from the Caribbea...

Price: $14.00
Purple Scallop Purple Scallop

Cool lavenders and soft white predominate this art charm...

Price: $14.00
Nautilus Nautilus

The nautilus shell is known as a symbol for the inner beauty of nature...

Price: $14.00
Aqua Starfish Aqua Starfish

The starfish, or sea star, is one of the most beautiful creatures in the ocean...

Price: $14.00