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Feeling festive? We've got you covered. Valentine's Day, Easter, Thanksgiving, Halloween, Christmas and more. Spread cheer all year long with a Pick Up Sticks Art Charm. (They make awesome gifts, too!)

Note: All charms come with our Magical Charm Clip!
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Abundance Abundance

"Abundance" front side...

Price: $13.00
That's Amore' That's Amore'

Fun collage-art illustration of a couple riding a scooter on the front side...

Price: $14.00
Love Wings Love Wings

What says "love" better than a heart with wings...

Price: $14.00
Lucky Girl Lucky Girl

"For Luck" on the front side...

Price: $14.00
Honey Bunny Honey Bunny

An ornately framed bunny rabbit shares the message "some bunny loves you"...

Price: $14.00
Better Not Pout Better Not Pout

We all know the tune: "Better watch out, better not cry, better not pout...."

Price: $14.00
Don't Peek Don't Peek

We are so torn...should we be good girls and not peek...

Price: $14.00
Lucky Heart Lucky Heart

"Lucky Girl" on the front side...

Price: $14.00
Song Bird Song Bird

This nature-inspired charm features a pair of yellow-and-brown finches...

Price: $14.00
Bewitching Bewitching

"Stay for a Spell" and appreciate this "Bewitching" enchantress...

Price: $14.00
Dear Santa Dear Santa

Oh, my! Someone has some explaining to do!...

Price: $14.00
Good Luck Good Luck

Beautiful soaring bird on the front on the front side...

Price: $15.00
Expect Miracles Expect Miracles

Nothing exemplifies the magic of the season like this...

Price: $15.00